Take Charge Fitness Program Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“My personal trainer is the BOMB!
Keeps me motivated; She keeps me on my health quest course and best of all, she keeps coming back! I work out regularly, I work out harder and more intensely than I would without Mika. The gains to be achieved and the outcome is improved 100% with a personal trainer. Mika is a part of my personal fabric of life, could not survive without her”.

– Terah Cochrane


“A very nice laid back place to work out. Everyone is so helpful. A great place to get fit and fellowship with VERY nice people”.

– Carlos “David” Butler


“I love taking all the classes and having other members to talk and laugh with really makes exercise enjoyable”.

– Becky James


“I never really thought that working out could be so much fun!! I love all the instructors!”

– Pat Ford


“One of my class heroes is 80 years old! I hope to stay fit for a LONG time and Take Charge Fitness is helping me every step of the way”.

– Carol Baxter