Q. Do I have to sign a contract to become a member?

There are no long term contracts at Take Charge Fitness Program.  All of our memberships are month to month, however, when you enroll, you are billed monthly (1st or the 15th) regardless of use.  You can cancel your membership at any time (with 2 weeks written notice).  There is no credit for non-use.

Q. When are my monthly dues due?

On the 1st or 15th of the month – the date you chose when you join.

Q. Can I just pay a daily fee instead of joining?

No. Our program is a membership based program. Our membership based program allows us to forecast what our members enjoy!

Q. I am new to exercise. Will someone help me?

YES!! As a new member you will receive a one on one fitness consultation. The consultation is with a Certified Fitness Instructor.  The Fitness Instructor will review your health history, take measurements and help you come up with a game plan based on your overall goals.

In addition, you will receive a basic orientation. This orientation is a “cookie cutter” workout plan that is very easy to follow and perfect for a new exerciser.  If you need additional help, or want a more tailored program specific to you, then personal training is available!

Q. Can I try out a class before I commit to it?

Yes! You can try any of the classes to make sure that it will suit your needs and fitness level. We allow two visits to any given class to help you determine if it will be effective for you.

Q. Can I bring a guest?

Yes. You can bring a local guest for free one time. If you have an out of town guest, there is a $7 fee for out of town guests to come exercise with our members.

Q. Is there a family discount?

Yes. There is a $5 monthly discount on each individual’s monthly membership on the following relationships: Spouse and/or dependent child. At least two individuals must be active any given month to receive the monthly discount. There are no Double Discounts.

Q. Do I need to have a medical clearance before I am allowed to exercise?

If you have had a recent medical situation and/or surgery, then we do require a medical clearance. We also ask for a medical clearance if you have certain medical conditions (ask fitness staff for specifics). The medical clearance is for your safety.

Q. I forgot my membership card. Can I still exercise?

Yes. Just sign in! We will make sure you are checked in for the day.

Q. Why are cell phones not allowed while using equipment?

As a courtesy to other members, we ask that you take your cell phone conversation to the lobby area. In addition, if using equipment, talking on your cell phone can cause you to lose focus and possibly hurt yourself. We strongly discourage use of cell phones in the locker rooms as well due to privacy concerns.

Q. Why can’t I swim laps in the pool?

Our pool is utilized for therapy as well as aquatic exercise. Swimming is a higher intensity activity and our pool temperature is too warm for this type of high intensity activity.