New Clients

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming healthier and living an overall healthier lifestyle!! We are proud that you have chosen Take Charge Fitness as your wellness provider!! We commit to giving you the necessary tools to help you accomplish your fitness and wellness goals!

As a new member, Take Charge Fitness staff will give you some guidance that will hep you embrace living a healthier lifestyle!  You will be provided with a one on one fitness consultation.  In this consultation, a Certified Fitness Instructor will discuss your health history as well as take your measurements and body fat percentage (so you can track your progress).  After your measurements, the Certified Fitness Instructor will devise a realistic game plan based on your fitness goals.

You will also be provided with a basic orientation.  The orientation is a “cookie cutter” workout program that is easy to follow and perfect for a brand new exerciser!  An appointment must be scheduled for the fitness consultation AND orientation.

We urge all new members to try our various group exercise classes. Joining an exercise class makes exercise “easy”. A certified instructor leads each class and participating in class is a great way to learn how to properly execute exercises. We have a variety of classes that can accommodate every fitness level. Just ask any fitness staff member which class you should start with!