Swimming Lessons

Lessons are offered throughout the year in group and individual settings. Our instructor has over 10 years of experience in teaching both children and adults how to swim. Our instructor is also CPR and First Aid certified. Class size is limited to help make sure all students receive enough attention. All classes last 30 minutes.

    • Beginner – Helps a child become comfortable in the water and covers water exploration along with primary skills including floating, supported kicks, gliding, proper entry and exit, and basic water safety.
    • Intermediate – helps a child develop stroke skills, and move through the water with ease. Skills include combined arm and leg motion, rhythmic breathing, retrieving objects from the bottom, working in the deep end, and emergency awareness.
    • Advanced – creates strong swimmers by enhancing stroke form. Deep water treading and diving is also taught in this class.

                                                 Prices        # of Classes

                         Group                 $70~                   6

                         Semi-Private       $75                     6

                         Private                $90                     4

  • Parent Tot – This class introduces children to the water by allowing the parent to join them in the pool. The goal of the class is to make the child comfortable with basic skills such as, blowing bubbles, putting face in the water, floating, and kicking legs. This class is very playful but also teaches parents skills that they can use to continue their child’s progress.
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