10 common fitness mistakes you might be making

Hopefully those New Years’ resolutions have paid off. You’re eating healthier and working out more, and maybe your clothes are a little bit looser. But have you thought about what could be holding you back or putting you at risk of an injury? Here are some common errors you might be making at the gym.

  1. You walked in without a plan.

Many people — especially those that are going for the first time (or the first time in a long time) — walk into the gym and wing it, with no sense of how they are going to structure their workouts. But if you walk in without a plan, how can you expect to make progress, asks Mark Salandra, the founder of StrengthCondition.com (one of Physiquality’s partner programs). Mark advises, “Write down a workout plan: Map out all your workouts to the set. Figure out your goals and set a plan to get there.” (Need a workout journal? Check out Physiquality partner fitbook™ journals for tracking your workouts and diet.)

There are many ways to set such goals. Mark suggests reading books, doing research on the internet, or even taking advantage of the trainers the gym makes available. He points out that they can advise you on proper form, the right machines for you, the frequency of your workouts and — most importantly — creating a workout plan.

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