Choosing a running shoe

What should runners look for in a running shoe? Virginia Davis, a physical therapist and owner of Crescent City Physical Therapy (a Physiquality network member in New Orleans), acknowledges that it can be a daunting task to buy running shoes. She reminds runners to “find the best shoe for YOUR feet!” This means that you need to know a great deal about your physiology and your running stride before you make that purchase.

A physical therapist can help you understand these factors with a biomechanical evaluation. According to Laura Winslow, a PT and the clinical director of the Eastside location of Allegheny Chesapeake Physical Therapy (a Physiquality member with 10 locations in Pennsylvania), “A physical therapist can identify the anatomical type of your foot (i.e., whether you have stiff or flexible arches) and make suggestions as to the proper type of shoe for your needs.” Read More

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