Why physical therapy is important after surgery

You’ve been dealing with chronic pain for months, and have talked to your doctor about surgery. It’s been scheduled and now you’re anxious about getting through the day. But what do you do the day — or the week — after the operation?

Many patients focus so much on the hours spent at the hospital that they don’t consider the importance of rehabilitation after the operation. If your doctor has prescribed physical therapy after your surgery, it’s because he believes it will be a key part of your recuperation. Here are some of the reasons you may need to do PT after your operation:


  • Reason 1: To promote healing.


This is the most common reason doctors prescribe physical therapy after surgery, to make sure that your body heals properly from your operation. This could be to minimize scar tissue after arthroscopy on your knee or shoulder, or to retrain your muscles after a major surgery, like repairing an ACL tear. The variety of factors is a key reason to see a physical therapist, says Mitchel Kaye, PT, Director of Quality Assurance forPTPN, Physiquality’s parent company. “Because the options and variables are so numerous,” he says, “it’s important to consult with your PT for a plan designed specifically for your situation.”  Read More


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