Sports Enhancement

Ever wonder how you could…

Sharpen your competitive edge?
Get more power with your swing?
Make more accurate throws?
Set the volleyball consistently for the perfect spike?
Make perfect spikes?
Hit the fade away?
Evade defenders while maintaining your balance?
Sack the quarterback?
Excel at your chosen physical endeavor?

The Sports Enhancement Programs could be your answer. These programs are geared to the individual and their chosen sport.

Focus is placed on:

  • Core stability
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Power

The athlete is assessed and a program is developed to address the key problem areas.

Programs could include:

  • Pilates training for core fitness
  • Weight training for strength
  • Combination programs for balance and flexibility
  • Cardiovascular techniques for endurance
  • Pylometrics for power
How does the Sports Enhancement Program Help You?

Football Players:
Lineman will:

  • Move off the line faster
  • Push opponents off the line better
  • Maintain core position during blocking assignments
  • Decrease back problems as core strength improves

Skill position players will:

  • Improve their balance, speed, agility, and quickness
  • Run routes faster
  • Defensive players will hit their assignments faster
  • Improve throwing mechanics

Volleyball Players will:

  • Improve core strength which will help in setting the ball
  • Improve flexibility for spiking the ball
  • Increase jumping power

Basketball Players will:

  • Jump higher for rebounds
  • Run the court faster
  • Shoot better as core strength increases

Baseball and Softball Players will:

  • Improve base running speed
  • Steal bases more effectively
  • Improve throwing mechanics as core strength increases

Golfers will:

  • Improve swing mechanics
  • Improve stance balance

Rowers and swimmers will:

  • Improve blade positioning
  • Improve stroke power and drive
  • Improve body control

Gymnasts and Cheerleaders:

  • Strengthen the core while maintaining flexibility
  • Increase power for jumping
  • Improve balance for stunts